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RAPP Reports

E-Reports Specifically Developed for RAPP

The Purchasing Department maintains a set of reports specifically designed to simplify searches related to Purchase Order or Requisitioning activity within the RAPP system.  These forms are available only to persons who have already been trained by Training and Development and have obtained access to Cognos Reporting System.  To run reports you should log into Cognos using Campus Pipeline, and will need your access ID and password.

Should you have questions concerning RAPP reports, call - 
Pat Wegner, Purchasing Coordinator, at 577-3754.
Purchasing Cognos Reports for the University Community:        
      Purch. Access Group Under
Report ID Report Name Report Description/Comments Number Id
All Reports   Description:    
FPO002 PO Detail by Requisition Number Description: Detailed list of Requisitions converted to POs within date range specified. Includes Vendor, Buyer, and Amount. Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO004 PO Detail by Vendor Number Description: Detailed list of POs within date range specified, by Vendor Number. Includes Buyer Code and PO Amount, subtotaled by Vendor. Search by vendor number or all vendors Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO011 Requisition Account Analysis Description: Detailed list of requsitions within a date range specified. Includes Requistion, Buyer (if any), and Dollar Amount. 2 Worksheets) 1) by Index, 2) by Vendor ID Group 1 & 2 and Univ. Community Finance
FPO012 Purchasing Account Analysis Description: Account Analysis by Index Number. Includes Orgn, Individual PO's, Req #, Count and Amount. Subtotaled by Index. Search by Index # or ALL Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO014 Invoice Detail Report by Vendor Name Description: Detailed report of Invoice Activity by Vendor Name. 5 Worksheets: 1) Specified Vendor, 2) Detail Temp Agencies, 3) Summary Temp Agencies, 4) Invoices Listed by Purchase Order(s), 5) PO Check report (drill down) Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO016 Check Your Req Description: Report of Approved Requisition without a corresponding Approved PO Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO034 Open Po with Remaing Balances Description: Calculates then lists the remaining balance on any open Purchase Order Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
FPO035 PO Approals by User Description: Approver can retreive a list of all documents processed through the Approval Process Group 1 & 2, Univ Community Finance
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Last Updated on 10/28/08

Pat Wegner, Purchasing Coordinator (313) 577-3754
Kenneth Doherty (313) 577-3756